[MATSUKI-ushi]—A5 rank Hida beef steaks
in Hida-Takayama, Takayama

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Have a delicious steak to go along
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Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. Surrounded by numerous mountains, it is a place where you can enjoy an abundance of blessings. MATSUKI-ushi is a char-grilled steak restaurant three minutes on foot from the Takayama Station. Our restaurant only uses rank A5 Hida beef, which is the highest grade available, and serves steaks that have been grilled carefully over a charcoal fire. In addition to Hida beef steak, we focus on products of nature, and offer visitors fresh seafood that is brought in daily to enjoy. We serve hand-picked wines that go well with meat and fish. We also have a wide selection of local sake for you to deepen your experience of Takayama. Cuisine, customer service, and space. We earnestly strive to maintain high standards in each of these areas so that our valuable customers can have a wonderful time at our restaurant. Please feel free to drop by when visiting Takayama.


Enjoy char-grilled
rank A5 Hida beef

Hida cows, raised painstakingly in Gifu Prefecture, a region of clear streams, are one of Japan's most notable brands of Wagyu. Our restaurant uses only Hida beef that has been classified as rank 5. We serve it char-grilled, grilling it carefully over locally-produced charcoal so that customers can enjoy the high-quality, rich fragrance, and sweet fat of the meat.Another charm of our establishment is that we allow customers to enjoy delicious seafood dishes that have been developed under the supervision of the owner of Matsuki Sushi. We hope that our customers will be able to enjoy both our meat and fish dishes.

Feel the history
from the old town-scape

The upper area, which developed as a merchant's town,
and the region where the lower area's three streets spread out,
are collectively known as the "old town,"
and is lovingly preserved by the locals.
Sake breweries and the curtains of old stores line the streets,
as they were in the past,
allowing visitors to revel in the history and atmosphere of the area.

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