Enjoy your fill of A5 rank Hida beef in Hida-Takayama, Takayama!
We also serve beef cutlet and beef stew

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highest-grade rank A5 Hida beef

Located in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, MATSUKI-ushi is a char-grilled steak restaurant that only serves rank A5 Hida beef.
Hida cows that are painstakingly raised in Gifu Prefecture, the land of clear streams, are one of the most notable Wagyu brands in Japan; their beef has won numerous awards, including winning the top award in Japan from the National Wagyu Beef Promotion Association.
Enjoy the tender quality of their meat, the beautiful marbling, the rich fragrance, and melt in your mouth flavor.



*Prices shown do include tax.


Hida Beef Hoba Misoyaki
Hoba Misoyaki is a local Hida dish made by topping magnolia leaves with miso, and grilling them. Hida's miso has a uniquely delicious flavor, and has the sweetness of malt. It makes goes well with alcohol and makes it taste even better.
Beef Stew
A luxurious beef stew with a generous amount of meat. The demiglace sauce is full-bodied, and has a mild taste, with just the right amount of acidity. The meat is so soft that it falls apart, and the Hida beef melts in your mouth, bursting with delicious flavor.


Enjoy Hida beef's beautiful marbling,
rich fragrance, and top-class flavor.


Hida Beef Thigh Cutlet
MATSUKI-ushi's special beef cutlet, carefully deep-fried at a low temperature. The thighs, which are thick, soft, and do not have much fat, are used. Enjoy the crispy batter and delicious flavor of Hida beef seeps out from within.
Lunch only
Steak Rice Bowl(with miso soup)
This steak rice bowl comes with such a lavish amount of Hida steak that it will not fit in the bowl. This dish allows you to get your fill of the flavor of the meat.
*This dish is only available during lunch.



Sea Urchin and Beef Nigirizushi
Made with the hemicentrotus sea urchin, from Hokkaido. This luxurious sushi that lets you enjoy sea urchin, a delicacy, and top-grade rank A5 Hida beef all at once.

Hida Takayama's local sake

These are local sake options that we would like you to try with the local ingredients. Takayama's sake, which are prepared in the harsh cold with the Hida Mountains' underground water and high-quality rice, have a uniquely smooth and sharp flavor.
We have local sake that are best hot or cold; find one you like and enjoy its flavor and the way it matches with your meal.