Enjoy your fill of sashimi, delicious sushi, sumptuous crab dishes,
and kaisendon bowls.

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Taste the fruits of the sea
at MATSUKI-ushi

Located in Takayama, Gifu prefecture, MATSUKI-ushi allows you to savor not only delicious Hida beef, but also fresh seafood.
MATSUKI-ushi is only able to provide delicious seafood in Gifu, which known as being a prefecture with no sea, due to its long-term relationship with trusted dealers and the owner's expert judgment.
Come enjoy the seafood and other exquisite dishes created with the taste and techniques inherited from our sister store, Matsuki Sushi.



*Prices shown do include tax.


Shirayaki eel
A larger eel from Mikawa grilled over a charcoal fire. The crunchy exterior and soft interior is sure to please. Eat with wasabi for a refreshing flavor.
Shrimp and local vegetable tempura
Tempura made with extra-large shrimp, mushrooms, liverworts, seasonal wild vegetables and more is loved by young and old, man and woman alike. Comes with salt and tentsuyu, so feel free to use to your liking.




Live snow crab shipped directly from Himi. You can choose between grilled or steamed. Enjoy the meaty crab to your heart's content.
*Price changes due to the cooking method.
Sashimi assortment
3,000yen per portion
Assortment of six varieties of sashimi chosen each day, including tuna and medium-fatty tuna.
*May not be available certain times of the year.
*Picture is two portions.



Lunch only
Seafood bowl
(comes with miso soup)
The lunch-exclusive seafood bowl is pleasing to the eye. The seafood is stacked so high it almost falls out of the bowl. This luxurious dish contains ten varieties of seasonal seafood.

Hida Takayama's local sake

These are local sake options that we would like you to try with the local ingredients. Takayama's sake, which are prepared in the harsh cold with the Hida Mountains' underground water and high-quality rice, have a uniquely smooth and sharp flavor.
We have local sake that are best hot or cold; find one you like and enjoy its flavor and the way it matches with your meal.